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EventLab Studios®

Live events and being face to face moves your business forward, but producing an event can be very costly. The Event Lab Studios can expand your impact with your audience. We can host your live event on our stage, while your presentations are recorded with high production value in front of our LED video wall. You can focus on executing your vision while we take all the complexity out of the production. No need to pay high audio-video production and rental fees or stage scenery. You can now improve the quality of your presentation with our full production from broadcast quality 4k cameras, to our full audio and video pre and post-production, as well as our high impact Video Wall.


Summit Experience:

  • Full production team to assist in the creation of online courses, livestream shows, workshops and masterminds.
  • Professional presentation audio and 4k broadcast cameras for the highest level production value.
  • In house audio engineers, producers, and post-production services for high level production.
  • High impact learning stage designed for product launches, intimate workshops and masterminds.
  • Studio rental -whether you have a specific need for one single video, or you have recurring content on a weekly or monthly basis, we are your content partner for all platforms.
  • The flex studio is designed for thought leaders, business owners, authors, and entrepreneurs committed to consistent video content.
  • Full video production services for your big ideas. Let us be an extension of your team.

Multifamily Leadership Media Platform

We are defining an entirely new category of learning that will connect executives with the information they need and the innovative products they need to understand in a much more intimate, intuitive, and fun way than ever before. A leader’s toughest decisions are around people and their changing roles in an organization. Jobs, the resident experience, operations, and capital structures are changing. The most important factor for success for the Multifamily Executive of the Future is bringing Multifamily Real Estate fundamentals together with innovation, leadership, and technology.


Summit Experience:

  • High Level Events for Multifamily Apartment Industry
  • Multifamily Innovation® - Showcase on Future of the Industry
  • Awards and recognition for Best Places to Work Multifamily®
  • Thought leadership & keynote speakers
  • Marketing & Automation Software for Multifamily Companies
  • Video Streaming Platform for On Demand Learning

Antrim Companies Real Estate Investments

We Buy Apartments for Income and Capital Growth

We purchase, renovate, manage, and innovate for growth in Multifamily properties.

We feel abundance, growth, and connection through running our business, investing in apartments, and coaching so that investors can tell great stories, impact their community, and design the life they want, thus reducing the stressors on American families.



  • Real Estate Acquisitions
  • Consulting
  • Due Diligence
  • Asset Management Consulting
  • Multifamily Technology consulting

We help companies get more clients

Marketing for companies takes on a full stack of assignments, strategy, messaging, communication and targeting to reach your ideal audience.

It's not enough to have a great company or product. You need clients. And not just any clients, but the right clients. The ones who understand your unique value you offer. Without a steady flow of clients, your business is in trouble.



  • Brand strategy
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Market Positioning
  • Video production
  • Thought leadership
  • Social Media
  • Technology consulting

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