Patrick Antrim

As a media entrepreneur, Patrick helps brands tell great stories and scale their business with video. He's also a Knowledge Business Coach that produces high level events and masterminds.

Making things happen.

As a media entrepreneur, Patrick helps brands tell great stories and scale their business with video. He's also a Knowledge Business Coach that produces high level events and masterminds. Antrim recently just created a legacy project for Tony Robbins together with Dean Graziosi for the biggest online course launch in history with over 250,000 live attendees and north of 17,000 conversions - grossing north of 33M in sales for the launch.

The brand includes a software, educational course and mastermind, and coaching business. He integrated the vision from Tony and Dean and their company leaders to pull together the partnership, plan the business, establish OKR’s (Objectives and Key Results), structure the course, evaluate technologies, hire consultants, filming segments, develop learning outcomes, customer post sale journey, and lead the $400,000 software development team to launch day.

Patrick is also the Founder of Multifamily Leadership, LLC, a thought leadership platform providing streaming content around technology, innovation and leadership.

He produces two of the highest level events in the Multifamily Apartment industry. He's been honored to preside over the Real Estate portfolio for public figures, top authors, and high performance trainers in the world today serving some of Americas most influential investors including John Saunders - International Coin Dealer, former Assistant Treasurer of American Express Bank, and one of Bank of America's single largest borrowers. Also, Dean Graziosi, 4 time New York Times Best Selling Author and one of the most watched success trainers in our generation, The Hon George Argyros - Forbes Billionaire, former owner of the Seattle Mariners baseball team and one of the worlds 700th richest people (according to Forbes). He began his career in leadership after retiring from the New York Yankees in 1998 and became the understudy to the Hon. George Argyros, former United States Ambassador to Spain.

Patrick Antrim at Tony Robbins home as part of the Pre launch strategy. Patrick is featured here with Dean Graziosi and his Wife Lisa Graziosi
Patrick Antrim with Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins along with the production team. Pictured here just following the launch of the biggest online event in internet history.

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