Leadership has never been so easy

As children, we all learned about this wonderful world by being curious. As we begin to develop, we learn the ways of the world. We make assumptions in the absence of real facts. As we get older, our curiosity can diminish over time.

Being curious forces us to look outside ourselves. It allows us to be concerned about someone or something else.

In leadership, the magic is when the teams you lead begin to feel valued because you respect their time, point of view, or feedback. All because you were curious.

Being curious allows us to feel less victimized by things as we focus on other people. We begin to discover ideas, thoughts and viewpoints we would have otherwise missed. The curiosity shows others that they matter and you respect their thoughts. When this happens, people feel valued and begin to work to make you proud.

Leadership can be a complex study which requires years of trial and error. Listening is a great way to start being curious. When we listen we naturally become curious and many of the good qualities of leadership naturally appear.


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