The Inner Game of Success with Patrick Antrim

The core of this show will drive home to entrepreneurs, business owners, aspiring leaders, CEO’s, and corporate leaders about what it takes to drive bottom line results with people.

Let’s face it…Strong financial results and a great customer experience are outcomes of what your teams create.

Now, most leaders will focus on trying to grow their business with more sales or create a great customer experience, but what I’m here to tell you is that these are outcomes. Simply outcomes to what your company becomes. So if you are the CEO and can implement leadership and success strategies with your internal teams, great! If you are a middle manager and your boss or division leaders haven’t fully subscribed to developing the soft skills in business….then this show will help you too.

As for me, I believe that all businesses are nothing more than a collection of people. From time to time, you will hear me make some baseball analogies. Not only do I think baseball is the greatest simulation of life, but many times I’ve been successful shifting the mindset of business leaders when we compare investment in our business to those of championship sports teams.

As we define a business as a collection of people, I also like to define the three customers all businesses have. Now when I am asked to work with a client, the first thing I ask the CEO is about their customers. I am always so impressed with their understanding of the perspective and data surrounding the people that buy products and services. What always surprises me is when I follow up that question with….tell me about your teams.

There are a good amount of leaders that truly understand their people. But mostly the leaders of an organization don’t look at their employees as customers. Further they don’t look at their owners or investors as customers.

The fact is, all businesses have 3 customers. Shareholders, employees, and retail customers who actually buy stuff.

Now throughout this show we will dive into the details of how to drive great customer service and strong shareholder returns by understanding the employee customer. In today’s competitive environment, this is the only way to distinguish your brand from the rest. And, it’s what most people will miss as they chase their tails with out-of-balance strategies only designed to drive more income or a customer experience. It’s not this or that. I believe you can have it all. What they will miss every time is the focus on the people that can actually make that happen.

You see, if we try and please only the customer that buys from us, we neglect our owners and shareholders by giving away free trials, concessions, and allow people to become delinquent when paying us.

If we only try and please our owners and shareholders, well then our customers will be dissatisfied with tight contract terms, price increases and other corporate policies that only focus on maximizing profit.

Now the companies that will win with the future of work are those that drive high performance with their employee customers as a result, allowing the paying customer to experience great service which ultimately drives more revenue for the owners and shareholders. This is the Inner Game of Business and I look forward to diving in deep preparing leaders for the future of work.

So who is Patrick Antrim and why am I doing this show? Well, I’m a speaker, author, entrepreneur, and retired professional athlete with the New York Yankees. Most of the results I have created in business comes from my ability to leverage the same business building strategies championship sports teams use in building winning cultures and traditions. I will be talking more about these stories and how they apply to winning in business. In fact, we might even get out some of the journals I wrote while traveling across the country in the team bus.

I’ve always enjoyed making an impact with people ever since I retired with the Yankees. I think I was able to see the power of influence and my ability to connect with people in both small and large audiences.

It wasn’t always this way.

When I was 7 years old, I was electrocuted and experienced severe facial scars on and around my mouth. Since then, I have had two surgeries that have corrected the scars. Before the surgery, I was bullied as a young student and school was not fun. I had little confidence. I would skip school anytime I could. This is when I first learned to sell.

When my parents signed me up for little league baseball it was then that I learned that people like to win. I became pretty good and our 12 year old team made it to the finals on our path to the Little League World Series. We lost to Mexicali who lost in the final game to Seoul, South Korea. In spite of coming so close, I discovered confidence through performance.

Baseball had then become my identity.

My parents moved me to South Orange County, California for the purpose of competitive baseball. I made the freshman team and absolutely loved my coach. However, as sometimes happens with teenagers, I got a car and a girlfriend and this became my new interest. I slipped in baseball, my grades slid and I didn’t make Varsity until my senior year. I felt left behind.

My high school coach was tough. He was a great coach but lacked the communication style to get me motivated. This was the first time baseball became un-fun. He called me the “worst shortstop ever” after making a physical error in a tournament in Florida. I called my dad and he encouraged me to not quit.

I gave up on baseball at this point and finished the year without college scholarships and a dream to play at the next level. Again, I felt left behind as my other teammates were placed at Division 1 programs. I took a year off from baseball and hit the gym. I didn’t want to be called skinny anymore. I enrolled in Junior College and it felt like a fresh start with a new focus on business and communications.

After some time, though, I began to miss baseball

I tried out for the Junior College baseball team and made the cut. Stronger and faster and with new coaching, my confidence grew exponentially. My coach offered me the opportunity to switch hit, which means that I would hit left handed and right handed. This new challenge renewed my love of the game and I had to break down my swing to learn from the start. It was like starting from scratch, only at the college level. My first plate appearance as a left hander, I hit a homerun and from that point on I felt confident as a switch hitter.

I set and still hold individual records at my alma mater. At this point, I was receiving offers from schools I had only dreamed of attending. More than 15 Division 1 schools were calling to recruit me along with a dozen other Major League Baseball teams.

My confidence was growing and I was steadily building momentum. Two weeks before the Major League Draft, a Yankees scout visited our home and talked to me about the Yankees future. They mentioned a skinny guy named Derek Jeter as their only prospect for shortstop. My scout interviewed me to get an idea about my goals. In June of that year, the New York Yankees selected me in the Major League Draft as a shortstop.

I played 3 seasons with the Yankees and retired in 1997. My agent received a call and the Yankees wanted me back. I returned to Spring Training in 1998 and after that, confirmed to myself baseball was not a lifestyle I could, or wanted to, sustain. I wanted to be a family man and to be known as more than an athlete.

I became the Apprentice to one of the world’s richest Americans, the Honorable George Argyros. Argyros was the former Owner of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Team and later the United States Ambassador to Spain. I fast tracked my success leveraging the same business building strategies the Yankees used to build legendary teams and culture. I am now applying these strategies to business.

Now, my friends and family thought I was crazy retiring from the Yankees to work as an apprentice. I worked directly with Argyros for 18 months and then began to learn the real estate business from the ground up. Already having a grand vision of what it’s like to run multiple organizations from 30,000 feet, I begin at the bottom scraping curbs at apartment communities and collecting coins in laundry rooms.

I fast tracked to executive roles and then was asked to lead other successful organizations. I experienced the peak of success ultimately managing for America’s most influential investors including John Saunders – International Coin Dealer, former Assistant Treasurer of American Express Bank, and one of Bank of America’s single largest borrowers. Also, the Honorable George Argyros – Forbes Billionaire and #731 on the world’s richest men (according to Forbes).

Then, I became a single father overnight.

Everything shifted and life became a struggle. I had no plans for this. I burned through resources and began to feel unbalanced at work. I reflected on my values and grew closer in my walk with the Lord.

As a full-time father, I decided to become an entrepreneur to create a lifestyle that supported my family goals. I succeeded out the gate, however fell hard and fast three months later when the financial crisis hit in 2008.
2008 turned out not to be a good time to start a business.

I was growing but struggling all at the same time. I became more as a leader, understood what success really meant as my life became more simple. Not afraid to go to zero, I risked all of my financial success to pursue my purpose.

I had lost everything but myself.

I was now involved with my boys in ways never possible before. I found myself doubting the sacrifice as the market was not responding to me. I started to feel unsuccessful without the high income. I had always solved my problems with money and now I needed to become more. Looking back, this was the best gift I could ever have received.

I built my speaking and leadership platform over the next 3 years. I invested in myself, connected with mentors, began speaking, developed curriculum, and began to write books.
I connected with another amazing high profile entrepreneur and began to improve his business. I was motivated and inspired daily to become more and implement more leadership strategies.

I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona and fell in love with the energy. This is where I am currently working and thriving because I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to surround myself with other leaders on a daily basis that are achieving high levels of success.

So here’s the deal.

I’m just like you. I like to feel good and win. I also have fears that need constant overcoming. I write, speak, and add value in the areas I often need the most support myself. It helps me become more when I teach. Because I am an expert, that’s only possible because I have to be a student first. Even though I struggled in school early, this insecurity has actually driven me to be a constant student for life. This allows me to share what I know with my community.

I love people. I consider myself a developer. I enjoy building apartment communities and looking at the dirt lot and creating a community where families would later celebrate birthdays and holidays together. I love to see things grow. If that’s a business unit or a person. I work really hard and bring my best to everything I do. I believe that behind every success and failure is a person. So the better we understand ourselves, the better we are able to drive high performance outcomes. I approach my life like baseball and believe the game is a great simulation of life.

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