Leadership Begins at Home

Patrick Antrim discusses the key strategies used by him personally and also by the top business investors in the world. Antrim highlights the monumental shifts that can be made in order to yield the highest results for you and your business.

SEGMENT 1 (1:13)
  1. The most critical aspect of leadership
  2. Leadership begins at home
  3. Yield high results for the people you’re influencing in your life
SEGMENT 2 (2:08)
  1. Abundance lifestyle / throwing money at problems
  2. Stifled leadership
  3. Up your game and become MORE as a leader to get the results you desire
SEGMENT 3 (3:00)
  1. Apprentice to one of the world’s richest people, the Hon. George Argyrous
  2. World Series, Super Bowl Sunday type of focus and dedication
  3. How does one have this kind of focus without sacrificing life?
SEGMENT 4 (5:11)
  1. First Strategy: i590
    1. I = Individual
    2. 5 = 5:00am
    3. 90 = 90 minutes of concentrated focus
      1. Focus on 3 banner goals that could change your life
  2. Discipline
    1. No phone, no emails
    2. Stretch, do some sort of physical fitness
  3. Invest in Yourself
    1. You will leak the good energy to those around you
    2. End your day with inspiration
SEGMENT 5 (11:19)
  1. Second Strategy: i240
    1. I = Individual
    2. 240 = 240 seconds, or 4 minutes, of being curious about somebody other than yourself
  1. Empower those around you, just by expressing curiosity and care
  2. Opportunity to set people in motion; get them to rise to a new level because they want to for themselves
  3. Creates more for you and your business
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  1. 3 Customer Rule

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