Fortitude in Leadership

In this interview, Patrick Antrim shares time with Ricoh Danielson who is a US Army decorated combat veteran of Iraq with multiple rotations overseas in countries of Haiti, Iraq and Afghanistan. He has taken what he was taught from the Army and translated that to becoming an effective leader, great business owner, veteran advocate and single parent. Danielson is also a small business owner of the power house digital forensic firm Fortitude Tech LLC based in Scottsdale, Az. Ricoh also is the innovator and private silent business actor /investor of many small gyms and bars in Arizona.

In this episode:

  • Business is about money and people. If it doesn’t make money it dosent make sense.
  • Ricoh’s journey to his first case and the launch of Fortitude Tech and how to forecast out 10 years.
  • How the US Army has influenced his approach in business.
  • There is no room or thin skin. You have to accept criticism.
  • In business, you will get knocked down. You have to get back up.
  • If you make a decision in business and it dosent’ go well. People will suffer.
  • Training people- Put out 100% of your “A” game. Get down there with your people. Help people see the purpose. The customer has needs and the training and you are there to help them.
  • Leadership- Walk in the shoes your people are about to go. Leaders persevere with fortitude. Rise to the occasion when the job calls for it. Step up. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. People are counting on you.
  • Anyone who has ever worn a battle vest knows there is nothing shiny about that.
  • Military leadership- When you are executing plan A, make sure you have a plan B that you are working on. Sometimes you need to be 100% in. A high level of commitment.
  • Entrepreneurs- Sometimes people don’t make the commitment when starting a business. Entrepreneurs need to sell themselves first. Going to zero has shaped the foundation of success.
  • Single Fathers- Leadership begins at home. How we start and finish our day is up to us. Going to zero is not fun. Looking back it gives us perspective and confidence to do more. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Are you willing to exhaust all avenues to win?
  • Massive amounts of violent action as designed by military. Gorilla marketing that is massive amounts of action. Special warfare community, it’s massive amounts of action. What are you going to bring to your competitors.
  • How to visualize what’s next- know what you are willing to do and what that looks like. Be specific, what is your day to day and what does it look like?
  • The best thing a man can do is work hard.
  • Give words of encouragement to children.
  • Short videos to communicate with others.
  • Great leaders take the steps to inconvenient themselves so they can be convenient to other people. Set’s the tone of doing the right thing at all times.
  • Leaders need to allow the staff to rest, rest their mind. Don’t drag people with you on your journey to burn out. Get consistent, rest and recover then get back to work. It’s all about work. In the rest and recover, it’s all about you.
  • Veteran Leadership – Be patient with veterans. Not all are on the correct transition period. Stack the deck in terms of their success. Joking might not be the best approach. Veterans are in “on mode”. Think about other resources that can be allocated. For veterans, check ego at the door. It’s a corporate world. Own the situation, self check. Be open and coachable, it’s not combat warfare. Your dedication to duty will out shine people.
  • People are not engaged at work. Veterans might be challenged with lazy or disengaged employees. What does a leader do to communicate?

A morning ritual for success:

  • No social media, tv or news. Invite the day. Write down thank you and the opportunities in America and the workforce, business and people in your life.
  • A prayer for family and self.
  • Review the CORE value and beliefs you speak to yourself today.
  • Wait are the 5 actionable items you will accomplish today.
  • The workout routine breeds fortitude and accountability to self.
  • Small affirmation to self. Maybe a smile in the mirror. It’s what I want to hear, love for self and what I want to hear.
  • Paragraph:
  • I know what I want, how am I going to do it and by when? What does this look like? (The vision) What are you going to do with that? How are you going to get that? What time are you going to get it in? And by what means? Any means possible?
  • No matter what you want to do. Do it and if you fail you have a reference point on how to do it again, and again, and next time harder and faster and more effective. You will get there by passion of will.
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