The Yankee Way

The New York Yankees have an internal culture many call “The Yankee Way.” This internal culture is more about how each player conducts himself on and off the field. When you become a Yankee, there is a respect for those that have gone before you. There is no room for individuals and there is no…

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Billionaire Obsessions

As a business coach, I often find myself reflecting on a story or situation from past experiences or experiences of others.  I find that when people are confronting issues or reading situations – it’s nice when you can reflect and tell a story about another individual who once experienced the same. If you can tell…

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Stability is a Myth in Business

How many times have you hired someone because the seemed like the right person? They do well in some situations but they lose deals they otherwise should have closed. Now the Sales Manager has to sell or put the deal back together. Does this happen often? Do you have sales people that have a tough…

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