Workforce: A Survey that aims to improve Employee Engagement

Economic conditions are changing around the world. This has resulted in the changing needs and demands of the market and most of the companies across the world are not equipped to tackle this shifting dynamics. A recent survey, named WorkForce 2020 has concentrated on the present perceptions of the different employers and employees on these topics, and the necessary changes that need to be made.

The need to focus more on technology and subsequent training to ensure that all employees have adequate knowledge in handling state of the art facilities is lacking in most of the companies. On an average less percentage of employees receive proper training.

Human Resources
Another aspect of work that requires immediate attention is human resources. Developing proper employer and employee relationships, balancing the number of millennial and non-millennial workers, and understanding the needs of the employees and conveying it to the employers are some of the important jobs of human resources. However, less importance is given to human resources.

Importance given to Non-Millennial
The companies have a tendency to employ non-millennial workers over millennial workers. The rate of employing college fresher and graduates have increased over the years. This is because employers feel that recent graduates are happier with their work environment and more loyal to their companies. However, survey reveals that this misunderstanding from many years not only bring more experience to the table but are also happy to work.

Building leadership
Building leadership qualities among employees is another incentive that the companies lack. A trend has been noticed among all companies across the world that employees lack leadership qualities, simply because there is not much reward for it. Also, there are no enough activities to develop leadership qualities. Both the employees and employers want to nurture leadership but they do not want to commit to it.

Providing better training

  • When an employee receives better training, it is likely to expect better performance. Ultimately, confidence is power. So providing training and education related to the business will help the company grow in the long run.
  • Based on the survey, it was found that a majority of company executives agreed that a proper environment of learning helps to excel an individual in his or her career and the company also enjoys benefits.
  • The Survey has also lead to collect information about various executives, some offer supplemental training programs which aim to achieve new skills. On the other side, there are other companies that provide required tools to employees that help them to grow and improve their job performance.

Workforce 2020 aims to achieve speedy progress in order to create talent strategies for companies to change the Global Economy. Their systematic way of studying companies and employees, and preparing a survey sheet of 2,700 executives and employees is a commendable job. After a lot of study and research it was found out that a change is definitely required. The change should be to help companies and people understand their capability and taste success. Systematic study carried on by Workforce is done to help companies to overcome leadership issues and employee issue.

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